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We made it thru NOW.....


The lying non-inclusionist freaks of Califucku continue to lead the way in maintaining it's delusionalistic ideals There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTERas it chooses to keep it's cult leader who will keep you masked, injected, and make cash cows of making humans all GMO's.

There once was a time where people were not forced into cults just warned about them.

999 YAR

what movie was those numbers and letters spotted in?


Jim Brewer a comedian who is actually funny and has been on Saturday Night Live TV show cancels all appearances where the venue requires invasive intrusive demand for health information to be provided as a condition of entry. Bravo!

Venues he cancelled and should NEVER BE PATRONIZED EVER AGAIN unless maybe they all offer the shunned a years free passes after they get a grip on reality and escape the cult:

The Wellmont Theatre in New Jersey
Royal Oak Theater in Michigan

Any and all  performers who support the bullshit will be highlighted as being traitors to freedom. Disinclusion is the most egregious display of self centered cancel culture as they all trumpet themselves as inclusionists they are the first to shun. I will not participate in such garbage.

    Timcast is one of the few who when asked what side he is on he emphasises THE SIDE OF TRUTH  watch

Reiner Fuellmich explains the criminal staged event .
Whether a virus occured naturally or was created in a lab our body handles it.